Workshop Schedule

Descriptions and Zoom links to sign up for each of the workshops are listed below the calendar. Don’t forget, professional development credits are available for all groups and workshops. All discussion and participation are confidential. We hope to see you there!

October 2021 Group Schedule
Mental Health in the ClassroomEvery other Monday
Stress, Sleep, and SupportEvery Other Wednesday
Conflict Management and ResolutionEvery Other Wednesday
Anxiety Management3rd Thursday of each month
What’s on your mind?
Drop-In and General Support
Every Saturday

Workshop Descriptions

Mental Health in the Classroom – Ali Schroer, LCSW, will lead you through ways to identify and support students who may be struggling in the classroom. She will address different mental health issues, different developmental stages, and suggestions for interventions with the individual student or in the classroom as a whole.  There will be time for questions and support from Ali and your peers.

Stress, Sleep, and Support – Join Dr. Dana Steidtmann weekly to talk about how stress impacts our brains and bodies. This will be an opportunity to learn more about good sleep strategies, stress management, and how to take care of yourself in times when you are feeling overwhelmed. The group will have some information/education but will also have time for questions and general support from Dr. Steidtmann and your peers.

Conflict Management and Resolution – The pandemic has created some big divides in our country around things like mask mandates and vaccinations. Educators frequently have to navigate difficult conversations, but some of the recent conflicts feel like too much. Dr. Dana Steidtmann will walk you through some strategies for managing conflict, responding to aggressive situations, and finding ways to create positive solutions.

Anxiety Management: Dr. Scott Cypers will facilitate this once a month group to review anxiety management skills, but also to simply provide an open forum for questions about all things mental health related. This monthly workshop will give you some basic tips/techniques and give you a chance to talk through school year stresses.

What’s on your mind? Drop-in and General Support – Dr. Amy Lopez and staff from the well-being support line will be available to talk about whatever may be on your mind. Use this time to connect with other educators and share ideas, to ask specific questions about mental health topics, to find resources for your students or yourself, or just hang out with others who get it.  Time is not fixed, you can drop-in any time between 9:30 and 11.

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