School Support Services

What We Offer

In-School Workshops

Is there something your team wants to know more about?  Want to bring in an expert on different wellness topics? If we don’t have the expert available on our team, we’ll cover the cost to bring in a speaker.

Ask A Therapist

Student behaviors got you stressed?  Want ideas, tips, resources?  Our partners in the Child Division of Psychiatry are ready to help. We can talk with you about strategies and interventions as well as help get the student connected to resources for ongoing care.  Call/Text or e-mail us and we’ll get you connected to the right people.

Conflict Resolution

Sometimes when people are stressed, they take their frustrations out on each other. We’re here to help. We can do mediated conversations, conflict resolution, problem solving, and act as a neutral and outside set of ears to help work through difficulties large and small. Conflict is inevitable, we can help you navigate it.

Group Dynamics / Team Building

Want to improve your team communication? We promise no “trust falls” or personality quizzes, but we can help you build on your teams strengths, improve communication, and enjoy working together. 

Wellness Retreats

Want a little more than a workshop? We can offer wellness retreats (at your place our ours!). We’ll bring in the food and relaxation techniques, focus on resilience, and have lots of fun activities that just allow you to care for yourself.

Are You Hosting a Community Event?

Want us there to answer questions about mental health and wellness? We love sharing our knowledge with teachers AND with the community. 

School Wellness Grants

Want to give your entire staff gratitude journals? Want to bring in a comedian for your next all staff meeting? Want to give your staff date night gift certificates? If you have an evidence based idea for improving wellness or resiliency, we’ll let you plan the activity, we’ll pick up the cost. Need some ideas, give us a call! 

How to Access These Resources

To access any of these programs or get more help in your school setting, send us an email at or give us a call/text at 303-724-2500.  We’ll take care of the rest!