Depression Module

In part 1 of this module, we will discuss how the pandemic has impacted rates of depression in adults and children. We also review symptoms of depression and how they can differ from some other common reactions to the pandemic. In part 2, we highlight factors that maintain depression and ways to fight back. Viewers will get concrete tools for decreasing depression. Part 3 highlights some ways to help students who may be struggling and ideas for how to talk to students when you are concerned about them.

Part 1: Identifying Depression
Part 2: Fighting Depression
Optional Companion Exercises:
Part 3: Supporting Students with Depression

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Depression Module Overview

Video: Identifying Depression

Length: 19 mins

  • How common is it?
  • How has the pandemic affected depression rates in adults and kids?
  • What are symptoms of depression?
  • How is depression different than sadness and/or grief?

Video: Fighting Depression

Length: 22 mins

  • How depression attacks
  • How to fight back
  • Decreasing isolation
  • Improving coping
  • Getting active
  • Recognize depressive “propaganda”
  • Fight depressive propaganda
  • Reconnect with hope and meaning


  • Pleasant Events Scheduling
  • Talk Back to Depression Using the ABC’s
  • Values Card Sort
  • Values Guided Action Plan

Video: Supporting Students with Depression

Length: 19 mins

  • Signs of depression in students
  • Supporting students with depression in the classroom
  • When to get concerned
  • Resources
  • How to make a referral
  • Referral Communication Tool