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2023 Resolutions for Educators

Resolutions seem like such an overwhelming idea, especially with so much already on your plate. But January is always a nice time to hit the reset button and set new habits. While there is no need to make any changes, if you want some ideas on bringing in 2023 with a new mindset, here are some suggestions from other educators about their 2023 goals:

1. Eat my lunch during lunch time
2. Not take any work home with me on Fridays and allow myself time to relax on the weekends
3. Set up a team happy hour for once a month
4. Walk around the park with my coworker after school when the weather is nice
5. Spend more time with my family off devices, maybe an entire afternoon where no one is allowed any screen time (me included!).
6. Not take my evaluations so seriously. Consider them as small tweaks I could make rather than a criticism of what I am doing
7. Practice daily mindfulness with my students in the classroom
8. More music in the classroom (maybe even let my students choose some of the tunes...maybe)
9. Talk to my coworkers about things other than schoolwork or building gossip. We all have lives outside work - right?
10. Say no. And also not feel guilty for saying no, but that may take more practice.
11. Continue to organize things to make it easier for myself.
12. Have more fun this year. I want to prioritize one fun thing a week over lesson planning or grading.
13. Connect more with friends and family outside of school. I want to try to reach out to others I don't work with and spend time with them.
14. Need more ideas or want to talk over your resolutions? We’re here to listen to both the good and the bad, so feel free to give us a call or text.

Happy New Year from all of us at Colorado Educator Support!


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