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We offer in-person and online school support services for you, your school staff, and students. Our services include in-school workshops, therapy strategies, conflict resolution, team building, wellness retreats, community events, and school wellness grants, at no cost to you! Take a look at what we're offering and reach out to us at 303-724-2500 for access to our services.

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March Updates

How to Enjoy your Spring Break

Whether you are taking a trip or relaxing at home, here are some suggestions for actually enjoying the time you have off.

1. Take school e-mail notifications off your phone
2. Leave work at school
3. If you opt to bring work home because catching up might make you feel better, set a specific time to both start and stop work, giving yourself time to still enjoy the day.
4. Catch up with friends. Relationships continue to be the primary factor in our happiness
5. Try something different. Tired of the same old Zoo and Museums that you see on field trips? Venture to a new town or go some place you've never been. Something as simple as eating at a new restaurant is enough to trick our brains into having fun.
6. Sleep in or take some naps.
7. Get outside, enjoy the sun or snow.


Here is a short introduction to the Colorado Educator Support website by Dr. Amy Lopez. We are available for your support through our services including our Well-Being Support Line at 303-724-2500, Individual Support Sessions, and our Online Support Program.
For more information, feel free to contact us at any time at any time at We hope we can help to make this year easier for you.