Educator Workshops

All workshops can be presented virtually or in-person. The workshops typically range 60-90 minutes, but we can tailor the workshops to your needs. Workshops can also be combined to create half-day or full-day opportunities. All workshops are eligible for Professional Development credit. Like all of our services, workshops are provided FREE to educators.

What We Offer

Resilience for Educators Workshop

This workshop is a fun and interactive way to remember that schools are vibrant places and being an educator comes with many wellness benefits. We will explore evidence-based activities that help improve well-being and give you a chance to try some of them out for yourselves. You will have the chance to make a plan with your team about how to implement wellness strategies throughout the year.

Group Dynamics / Team Building Workshop

Want to improve your team communication? We promise no “trust falls” or personality quizzes, but we can help you build on your teams strengths, improve communication, and enjoy working together. 

Team-Based Approach to Burnout Workshop

Even if you love your work, there are still times you may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and burnt out. This workshop will help to address both personal and work stressors that may be contributing to your burnout. Using the “Fair Play” model, this workshop will help you identify ways in which each of the team can use their own strengths and interests to help each other navigate through the more difficult days. The workshop also offers some fun activities and strategies to improve overall well-being.

Trauma Debrief Workshop

Unfortunately, sometimes difficult things happen at schools. We are available to help process, provide strategies for managing stress related symptoms, and ideas around how to care for yourself and your students while working through difficult emotions.

Secondary Trauma Workshop

Sometimes, being a person who cares for others can be difficult. Students, their families, coworkers, or others in our lives may be dealing with stressors and we don’t know how to help. This workshop provides information about different experiences with indirect trauma and offers strategies for taking care of yourself while taking care of others.

Talking with Students About Trauma Workshop

This workshop helps to prepare you to talk with students about difficult situation. Whether it is in response to a crisis event or just wanting to create more safe spaces in your school/classroom, we can provide some ideas about how to communicate with students.

Conflict Management Workshop

Every team has conflict. This workshop goes over ways to clearly communicate needs, tasks, and ways to work through problems in a solution focused way. For teams that may have specific conflict, we are also available to do multiple sessions that include 1:1 or group mediations to try to resolve disagreements.

Mental Health Awareness Workshop

Want to know more about depression, anxiety, substance use, or trauma?  We probably have an expert who can help with that. If we don’t know about the topic, we’ll find someone who does! We will help link to presentations for mental health first aid, suicide prevention / postvention, or stress management. 

Build-Your Own Workshop

Let us know your goals and we’ll create something just for you! We’ll set a discussion meeting to determine what you want and need and we can probably come up with something that will work for you.

Half-Day & Full-Day Workshops

Want a little more than a standard workshop? We can offer extended workshops (at your place our ours!). We’ll bring in the food and relaxation techniques, focus on resilience, and have lots of fun activities that just allow you to care for yourself.

How to Access Our Resources

To access any of these programs or get more help in your school setting, send us an email at or give us a call/text at 303-724-2500. We’ll take care of the rest!