Online Self-Paced Program

Modules Overview

Welcome to the learning modules! We hope you will find this information helpful, with video lessons and resources to help you navigate mental health issues associated with the pandemic. We offer background into why last year was so hard and offer some suggestions on ways to make this year feel less challenging. Where possible, we also offer strategies for you to take what you are have learned and model and extend it for your students, including classroom-based activities. We hope this information will be helpful to you and used in the way that makes your work and your life feel a little less stressful.

Welcome from Dr. Neill Epperson, Chair of the CU Department of Psychiatry

How to use this site

Listed below are the different learning modules. You are welcome to complete all of them, but you are also free to only view the modules that you are most interested in. We recognize that educators have plenty to do and may not have a lot of time, so in addition to short videos we also have worksheets, written content, and links to outside resources. Please use this information in the way that you need it.

Talk it through – Get live support

For some, watching a video or completing a worksheet may feel like enough. For others, you may want to talk through what you have seen, get clarification on the concepts, or just talk about how you have been personally impacted by this year. While this is self-paced, you are not alone! The staff on the Well-Being Support Line have been trained in all of these modules and are happy to talk with you further about better understanding depression and anxiety, help you develop a wellness plan or a resiliency recovery plan, or help you brainstorm activities that can be used in the classroom. You can access live support by calling or texting 303-724-2500.


We have offered some ideas, but you are truly the experts! If you have activities that have worked well for you in the classroom or a fabulous resource, please send it our way! We’d love to expand our website with your ideas, so feel free to email them to