Grief and Loss Module


There has been so much loss with COVID-19. Beyond the actual losses of human life, we have lost our communities, our normalcy, and given up important events in the name of safety. This talk is geared towards teachers to understand more about grief and loss and ways to intervene both personally and professionally around those who are dealing with grief and loss issues

Video: Managing Grief and Loss

Optional Companion Exercises:

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Grief and Loss Module Overview

Video: Managing Grief and Loss

Length: 35 mins

  • How has the pandemic impacted how we think about grief/loss?
  • What types of things have been a loss during this time?
  • Techniques for riding the waves of grief and managing loss
  • Tips for helping others who may be grieving
Optional Companion Exercises
  • Riding the waves of grief and loss
  • Loss Recognition Activity
  • How to be a good friend during times of grief