Navigating Uncertainty Module

This year has been full of change. If anything, the only thing we could predict was that something unexpected was going to happen.  With the constant change and unpredictability, it is hard to plan, manage anxiety, or care for ourselves.  It is even harder to try to figure out how to recover.

Based on models of Radical Acceptance, this module will offer some ideas for “riding the wave” of uncertainty and give you some ideas for building your own resilience and recovery plan.

Part I
Part II
Part III

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Navigating Uncertainty Module Overview

Video 1: Change and Acceptance

Length: 20 mins

  • Understanding emotional impacts of change
  • Explore Key Concepts related to Acceptance

Video 2: Riding the Waves of Unpredictability

Length: 19 mins

  • What is Radical Acceptance
  • Accepting when it is difficult

Video 3: Building a Personal Resilience Plan

Length: 15 mins

  • Developing a plan to tap into your resilience
  • Practice the things that matter most to you


  • Practicing Radical Acceptance
  • Developing a Resilience Plan