February Updates Archive – 2022

Tips to Maintain Your Relationships This Month

Relationships are a key component to our well-being. In almost every single happiness study, strong relationships take the top spot. How can you build and strengthen your relationships when we’re 2 years into a pandemic where we have to stay away from each other?

  • Reach out in different methods! Try a phone call or a Marco Polo video text. Play an online game together, or even meet up for an outside in-person activity!
  • Send a card or flowers to a friend or relative – or even to yourself!
  • Do something nice for someone, or even allow someone to do something nice for you!
  • Practice a loving kindness meditation – you can find some good ones on YouTube!
  • Make new friends, but keep the old – consider introducing old friends and new friends to each other to expand your social groups.
  • Do an art project or craft and give it to someone else (even the ones you make with your pre-K class will work)!