Hacking Your Emotions

Administrator Module

Administrators – we want to continue to help you throughout this pandemic, as so much of it is untrodden ground. Through this module, Dr. Sara Knickerbocker covers tips and techniques, as well as light meditation, to help you use your emotions as a bridge to progress.

For your convenience, we have included the module in both video and audio-only format, for easy listening on the go.

Part I – Introduction
Video Format
Audio-Only Format
Part II – Anger
Video Format
Audio-Only Format
Part III – Fear
Video Format
Audio-Only Format
Part IV – Sadness
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Audio-Only Format
Part V – Conclusion
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Stress Management for Administrators – Module Overview

Video 1: Introduction

Length: 11 mins

  • Get a feel for the purpose and structure of the module

Video 2: Anger

Length: 12 mins

  • Learn more about the grappling the emotion of anger – both within yourself and in others

Video 3: Fear

Length: 13 mins

  • Dive in to fear, anxiety, and worry, and learn some pro tips to deal with these emotions on a daily basis

Video 4: Sadness

Length: 10 mins

  • Learn how to let sadness flow through you, and come out feeling more energized

Video 5: Conclusion

Length: 8 mins

  • Wrap up the tips and tricks covered in parts 1 through 4