Stress Management for Administrators

Administrators – we want to continue to help you throughout this pandemic, as so much of it is untrodden ground. Through these modules, Dr. Scott Cypers covers tips and tricks to effectively manage yourself and your staff during the COVID-19 pandemic!

For your convenience, we have included the module in both video and audio-only format, for easy listening on the go.

The COVID-19 Ultra-Marathon
Video Format
Audio-Only Format

In this module, Dr. Scott Cypers likens the COVID-19 pandemic to an “ultra-marathon,” sharing tips and tricks that you and your staff can use to navigate some of these difficult periods.

The Stress Dam
Video Format
Audio-Only Format

In this module, Dr. Scott Cypers offers further guidance on managing stress, communicating positively and clearly, and serving as an effective role model to your staff through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Stress Management for Administrators – Module Overview

Video 1: The COVID-19 Ultra-Marathon

Length: 6 mins

  • Explore tips and tricks to navigate the pandemic for you and your staff

Video 2: The Stress Dam

Length: 27 mins

  • Learn pro tips to manage stress through the COVID pandemic and beyond
  • Learn to use stress management, clear and positive communication, and role modeling to effectively manage your staff during this time